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What's in the Box?

We will take great care to fill every box with an assortment of genuine Dutch products, imported from the Netherlands and delivered to your doorstep in a convenient box. No need to smuggle Dubbelzoute drop past customs ever again. No need to explain that Peijnenburg ginger cake does not contain Marihuana. Every box is filled to the brim with equal amounts of nostalgia, flavor and love. Treat yourself, your family and friends to every delight Holland have to offer. Your favorites DutchBox is the best present for your Dutch friend or family member, or all for yourself. Treat yourself to something special, give yourself a Dutch Treat. Smakelijk Eten!


The Netherlands is a small country that has left a significant impact on modern society. Artists like Rembrandt and Mondriaan have changed both classical and modern art. Fokker changed aviation as we know it, DAF is still a well-respected brand in the automotive industry. We travel all over the globe and are welcomed with open arms everywhere. Sure, our direct form of communication can be intimidating, but our friendly demeanor always shines through. And there's something else we are famous for…


Let's start by admitting some of our culinary concoctions are downright strange to foreigners. We like to overcook vegetables en mash them up with potatoes. We eat herring without cooking it first and dangle it in our mouth with some raw onions. And we think a licorice candy that tastes so salty your face will look like you've eaten a lemon is somehow appealing. Let's just say we are pretty “adventurous” concerning our cuisine. You can witness our curiosity for unique flavors to this day. The world class chef Pierre Wind has created dishes like mosterd-sambalijs (spicy ice cream), choco-bananensushi, fricandellencarpaccio, spruitjesburger (brussel sprouts burger), erwtensoep met marsepein (peasoup with marsipan) en dropsoep (licorice soup).

Don't worry, we will not go that far, but we have selected some of the finest delicacies Holland has to offer. What about Droste chocolate pastilles? When was the last time you had some genuine Venco licorice? Or a Douwe Egberts cup of coffee with a Verkade Sprits? Do you prefer savory? 

Try the Knorr soup mixes or bake your own bread in the oven. And face it, American pancakes are fine but Dutch Pannenkoeken is really something special. Dutch candy is unsurpassed with Rademakers coffee flavored Hopjes or KING peppermint. When's the last time you tasted Chocolate Rumballs?


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