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Baker’s Delight

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Dutch Oven - 

There is a reason we have a pan named after us. And there's also a reason we call that pan an “oven”.  Dutch people love baked goods, and we have some of the finest bakers in the world. Sure, a New York Bagel is nothing to sneeze at, but a Dutch loaf that you take fresh out of the oven...that sure is heaven. If you are planning to sell your house the realtor will always give you this tip: Bake something just before potential buyers pay a visit to your home, your house will smell delicious. I once tried that with Dutch baked goods, the couple ended up staying for lunch, dinner and breakfast!

There's no cake-like pancake

Pancakes are a solid favorite at any children's party. Apart from the flavor, kids really love decorating pancakes. Back in The Netherlands, they use a veritable candy store of options to decorate their pancakes, and their sandwiches too. Chocolate sprinkles are always a favorite; we call them “Hagelslag”, named after hail that falls from the sky. There are several more variations on this theme. For savory options we like Pindakaas on our bread, that's peanut butter in English. For some reason, our name translates to Peanut Cheese. Calvé is our brand of choice; it's less creamy compared to American peanut butter but very flavorful and quite healthy in small amounts. Your niece will approve.

Do you have a little child or grandchild in the works? Celebrate with the traditional Dutch staple 

“Beschuit met Muisjes” or “Biscuit with Mice”. Don't worry, the mice are made from anise, we use blue and white for boys and pink and white for girls. You can also choose to eat them for no reason; they still taste delicious, also on a nice slice of fresh white bread!

Savory and Salty

Dutch people are true sodium junkies. We use a lot of Knorr cubes in our soup and even add some Maggi flavor enhancer. You could say we have a salt tooth beside a sweet tooth. The British-Dutch company Unilever owns the German Knorr Company. As the old commercial stated: “I liked it so much I bought the company”.

What's in the Box?

Baker' s Delight will make anyone into a kitchen prince or princess. Make you own bread and pancakes with Koopmans bread mix, for dessert try Dr. Oetker Pudding (thanks, Germany), decorate all these wonderful baked goods with Calvé peanut butter, chocolate sprinkles and Anijshagel, and put some savory Maggi in your soup. Baking never tasted this good!


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