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Back in The Netherlands, they know a thing or two about candy. The Dutch make some of the best sweets in the world, and there's one type of candy that's both famous and infamous; Licorice.


Back in The Netherlands, they call Licorice simply “Drop”. The origin of the word Drop is unknown, we do know that one of the main ingredients comes from the Licorice root. The roots are dried, ground to a fine powder and shaped into “Blokdrop”, or a Licorice cube with water. The Blokdrop is subsequently shipped to The Netherlands for further processing.

Traditional Dutch Flavor

Other countries also make Licorice, we're not unique. The “English Drop” is actually quite famous in Holland. But there's something about the Dutch production process and recipes that make our Drop taste better. Dutch Licorice is often a bit softer and the flavors are more pronounced compared to other types. There are several famous brands like Venco and Klene that produce a range of wonderful flavors.

Popular Flavors

There are a couple of staple Dutch Drop flavors. Basic drop derives it salty flavor from “Salmiak”.  That's not the same as table salt, Salmiak (or Sal ammoniac, Salmiac, Ammonium chloride) delivers a very distinct flavor that you can recognize in a second. Because it is so salty the Drop manufacturers often use a lot of sugar in the recipes. Other popular flavors are Menthol, Honey and Double Salt. That last one is our pride and joy, the one that separates Us from Them, it's our rite of passage…

Pure and Uncut

If you're not squeamish you should try Salmiak Powder, that will give your tongue something to remember. That unique salty flavor is unforgettable. You can go for the sweetened Salmiak or feel your face muscles contract while tasting the uncut stuff. The Salmiak Popsicles are great as well, they start out sugary sweet but once you reach the center...BOOM!!!

What's in the Box?

There are so many types of Drop in The Netherlands, we can't fit every single type in one box, but we're going to try! In every Licorice delight DutchBox you can expect several types of dark, licorice candy; some sweet, some salty, some soft, some hard candy. If we're feeling international we might even give English Drop a chance...Made in Holland of course! Are there some flavors you can't live without, something you've been craving for far too long? You can choose two preferred items from our Drop candy selection, the rest will be a pleasant surprise. You can order a Licorice delight DutchBox for yourself, or you can share these small, fun sized candies with others. Give your friends a sweet and colorful gummy candy to easy them into Licorice, and keep the Double Salt Drop for yourself, or your sworn enemy. And if you want to freak your neighbors children out start chewing on a Licorice Root. Dad, he's eating the tree!

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