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Cookies, Cake & Coffee Dutchbox Club

Cookies, Cake & Coffee Dutchbox Club

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Dutch people love coffee and small talk. Americans might stand around the water cooler at the office and talk about football, we stand around the coffee machine and talk about REAL football (just kidding folks, we love ya'll). At breakfast we start with a cup of coffee, at work we drink coffee and at night when we relax in front of the television we drink yet more coffee. That's probably why we have so much energy, we're on a constant caffeine high!

Douwe Egberts

You can't talk about Dutch Coffee without mentioning Douwe Egberts. This company was founded back in 1753. Egbert Douwes started his store in a town named Joure, later his son Douwe Egberts (not the most creative family) took over. The rest is history. Douwe Egberts is popular for two reasons; coffee and coupons. The Dutch people are coupon crazy, we make the Americans look like toddlers in terms of coupon saving. Every paper sleeve on a pack of coffee has a coupon printed on the label. With those coupons you can save for an assortment of products in the DE shop. It's a bit silly, but it's a fine Dutch tradition.

Cookies and Cake

They bake some wonderful cookies and cakes in Holland. The ginger cakes are very special, they have a remarkable flavor that can't be compared to American gingerbread cakes. The famous Peijnenburg cake comes from the town of Geldrop, but other regions and cities have their own delicious cakes. After decades and even centuries of baking we still name many cakes after their hometown or region.One of our favorite cookies is definitely the Sprits cookie. This cookie is very crunchy and light in color. It has a sand type texture without tasting dry. Sometimes these cookies have some chocolate on them, but even in their vanilla state, they are absolutely delicious. We take our coffee break serious. Make coffee, drink coffee and repeat. If you go to visit a Dutch family, the first thing they will offer is a cup of coffee. They also will offer you a cookie. In the old days, you could take one cookie from the tin and then it would close. Since then progress has been made, more and more families keep the tin open, more cookies for everyone!

What´s in the Box?

The Cookies, Cake and Coffee box wouldn't be complete without coffee. Douwe Egberts filter coffee for your enjoyment and moment of relaxation, instant coffee when you're in a hurry. Use the Verkade cookies to fill up your cookie jar and Peijnenburg ginger cake for that traditional flavor. If you like to bake your own fresh cake you will love the Koopmans cake mix for delicious moist cakes, straight from your own oven. Remember Kees Verkade?  “Wat ruist er door het STRUIKGEWAS!”

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