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Americans love Dutch cuisine, although most Americans are not aware of it. As you know the United States of America is a melting pot of cultures and diversity, and the origin of some delicacies tend to be forgotten. American staples like hot dogs and hamburgers originated in Germany and other influences from across the pond. American as Apple Pie? Try Dutch!

Greetings from Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Dutch have Dutch / German origins and brought many traditional delicacies to America. Some of the most delicious pies and cakes in the Good 'Ol USA come from the Pennsylvania Dutch. And that's not all, they also brought soup and broth recipes from the lowlands, delicious stews and...is your mouth watering yet?

Coffee Break

The most popular beverage in Holland is definitely coffee. We're in the top list of biggest (and tallest) coffee drinkers in the world. We all remember those classic hand grinders, small wooden boxes you'd hold in your lap, and the porcelain beauties that adorned the wall of every household. We can't live without coffee, preferably out of a red package with the name and logo of “Douwe Egberts” stamped on the label. Too bad we can't use the coupons in the States... Alongside our coffee, we like a cookie. And don't give us those dry tea-biscuits, we prefer a Stroopwafel, that delicious baked cookie with caramel “stroop” inside.

Sweet Tooth

The candy aisle in Dutch supermarkets is a sight to behold. Sweets in all shapes and sizes. Sure, they are the nightmare of every dietician but our candy is just so perfect, just one more bite… Americans and the Dutch have their mutual love for chocolate in common. However, you haven't tasted chocolate if you never had a Droste chocolate or a Verkade bar. Our chocolate can stand proudly among Belgian chocolate with the best in the world.

What's in the Box?

In America's favorites, you will find all the treats our American friends know and love, but with all the rich and original flavors of the homeland. Try the delicious soup from Honig, drink a Dutch cup-a-joe from Douwe Egberts with a Stroopwafel or a Droste chocolate pastille and refresh your breath with a King peppermint. Made for the Dutch, enjoyed by the world. America's favorites will surely please everyone!

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