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Just like Americans the Dutch usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unlike most Americans they usually prepare their meals at home. The Dutch don't eat out as much as Americans, they don't buy take away as much either. However, Dutch kitchens are often smaller compared to the American counterparts. Dutch people like their meals to be convenient and quick, yet delicious. Let's take a look at some typical breakfast, lunch and dinner options from The Netherlands.


I remember eating porridge. We call it by the brand name Brinta over here, it's wheat that you combine with warm milk, usually some sugar and eat as fast as you can. You have to be quick or the porridge (pap) will solidify and stick to your spoon. In the weekends, we would make pancakes and decorate them with an assortment of sprinkles. Delicious and beautiful!


For lunch, we usually eat bread. But we like to treat ourselves to something special like a slice of cake. They bake a lot of cakes in Holland, and they are all delicious. Some cakes are shaped like a loaf, the Dutch also bake a lot of circular “turban” cakes. The outside is a bit darker and slightly crunchy, the inside is moist and full of flavor. The combination of flour, butter, eggs and “secret” flavorings make for delicious treats during a well-deserved coffee break. Don't forget the typical Peijnenburg cake with ginger flavor. The factory is located in Geldrop, Noord-Brabant and still produces the finest ginger cakes you can imagine. If you drive past the factory you will always smell that sweet aroma in the air.


A typical Dutch dinner will consist of three courses; soup, meat/vegetables/potatoes and a dessert. We used to make our own stock for soup, nowadays we often use a packet. Sure that's cheating but it saves time and it tastes good. Even when cooking from a packet you can still add your own signature flavor by adding some fresh vegetables or meat.

What's in the Box?

The Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner box comes with all kinds of products that will enhance every meal of the day. Use the Koopmans mix to create delicious Dutch style pancakes, during lunch try the wildly different regional cake flavors like Deventer cake or Frisian Ginger cake, and try one of the wonderful and savory soup mixes, just add your own fresh vegetables. Now you can enjoy Dutch cuisine, all day long!

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