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They certainly have a sweet tooth in The Netherlands. The Dutch share a deep passion for candy with Americans. Some of the most famous brands in Holland are candy manufacturers. We are very loyal to companies that produce the Triple “C”: cookies, cakes and candy. Let's take a trip through Candyland!

Cookie Legends

We all know Hellema cookies. This Dutch company was founded in 1861 by Andele Hellema in Northern Friesland. To this day, it remains a family owned business that produces an assortment of delicious cookies. Although they bake delicious cookies they are still overshadowed by name recognition by Verkade, founded in 1886 by Ericus Gerhardus Verkade. They started as regular biscuit makers and later produced famous cookies like Knappertjes en Spritsen we still know and love to this day.

Chocolate with an “Effect”

Droste started in 1890 as a confectionery but soon started selling chocolate “pastilles”, round chocolate disc in several varieties. They remain a staple candy in The Netherlands. Droste even had some impact in the art world. Designer Johannes Misset took his inspiration from the Jean Etienne Liotard painting “The Chocolate Servant” and created a nurse holding a box depicting that same nurse and so on… That technique is now known as “The Droste Effect”. Unfortunately, this packaging can't be used in the States because the nurse would imply chocolate is healthy! Lonka is another big brand. Although the name is derived from “London Caramel Works” it is actually a Dutch company, founded in Breda. They do make delicious caramel confections. You will notice a lot of brands that specialize in one item. Rademakers makes the famous hard candy “Hopjes” with that distinct coffee flavor, King is known for their peppermint rolls. Did you know that KING is not named after the royal moniker but actually stands for Kwaliteit In Niets Geëvenaard. 

Wilhelmina peppermint, the other famous brand is named after the former queen of The Netherlands. That's just a small sample of some famous Dutch candy brands that still bring joy to people all over the world. The companies have changed owners, they have grown larger and added more products over time but they are all committed to creating the finest candy in the world.

Dutch Treat

The term “Dutch Treat” means “go to a party and bring your own food or drinks”. In a negative way, it could mean the Dutch are stingy, in a more positive light it means we like to share. In 1987, the popular girl group “The Dolly Dots” (before most Spice Girls were born) made an American movie of the same name. Don't bother searching for it, just stick to the candy...

What's in the Box?

The Sweet Tooth Box offers an assortment of famous Dutch candy. Delicious chocolate with that creamy and rich cocoa flavor, small candy like Hopjes and Rumballs, you will even find some chocolate Vlokken for breakfast if you're lucky. You haven't lived until you've tried Bokkepootjes! Sure we'll throw in a couple of salmiak based licorice treats to make it a genuine Dutch Treat. Long live the KING…of candy!

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