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Dutch people love candy. That might not seem like a controversial statement, it isn't really, but let's say it again; Dutch people LOVE candy. We love them sweet, we love them sour, we love them salty, we even love them bitter. You can spend an hour in a typical supermarket candy aisle without making a choice. Everything seems wonderful.

Not Willy Wonka

In 1870, Cornelis Jamin opened his first chocolate store in Rotterdam. When he passed away in 1907 there were already 50 Jamin stores in and around Rotterdam. There are still many Jamin stores scattered across The Netherlands, the brand is now recognized as a Royal Supplier. Walking into a Jamin store is like walking into Willy Wonka´s factory, there are so many treats to choose from.

Something for everyone

The diversity in Dutch candy is staggering, there truly is something for everyone. Take chocolate for instance. During our colonial period, we started importing cocoa. We are still in the top ranks in terms of chocolate quality. We love chocolate so much we even sprinkle it on our bread and biscuits. Then there´s Drop, the Dutch licorice. We are the world champions of licorice. Don't look that up, just trust us, world champion. If you think you don´t like that typical salmiak flavor you haven´t tried all our varieties. For many people, the Drop mix by Venco is still etched into our brains. We loved them all, the coin drop, the “kokindjes” and, of course, the farmer's drop. Except those little, light brown bears, nobody liked them…

Venco isn't the only player in town. Katja has been creating some original types of candy for decades, and other brands like Oldtimers and Autodrop have joined in. We also have some fine hard candies like Haagsche Hopjes, sweet coffee flavored candies and Salmiak knotsen, lollipops that start out sweet, only to reveal a salty salmiak center.We can't leave out “Zoethout” or “Sweet Wood”. This is basically the salmiak root, it has been hardened and you can chew on this piece of wood to extract all sweet and salty goodness. For foreigners it will look ridiculous, for us, it's a way of life.

What's in the Box?

Nothing but Candy offers a selection of Dutch candy that would make Mister Wonka very proud. From Verkade chocolate bars to Droste chocolate Tulips, from Coffee flavored Hopjes to salty Salmiak Knotsen. And Drop, our sweet, black pride and joy in different shapes, sizes and flavors. This Halloween will surely be a treat!

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