Why did the shipping price increase?

UPS recently increased its pricing, this is beyond our control.

Do you ship to Canada?

Sorry, we do not due to expensive shipping and customs clearance issues.  We are selling food and we can't chance long delays in shipping.

Do you still carry the Birthday DutchBox?

We have discontinued that program.

What will I receive in my DutchBox (non-holiday)?

First, you pick a DutchBox that focuses on a category of food/snack you will enjoy, we list all the possible food/snacks selections for each DutchBox on the product detail page. You can schedule your delivery of your DutchBox just once, monthly, or every other month.  If you pick monthly or every other month, you will receive different products from the specific type of DutchBox you ordered. If you must have a certain product every month, let us know at checkout time. If you see a product within your product selection that will not be to your liking, let us know and we will exclude it on every shipment. There are many different variations of individual product prices and box sizes so it is difficult to have pictures of all variations.  To give you a point of reference, the product that is shown below is considered a small box that sells for $29.99.

What do I receive in my holiday DutchBox?

This type of box will include everything that is described in the description, and this box will only be received one time.  We ship out holiday boxes beyond the time frame the mail carrier promises, so that should give plenty of time for the packages to reach you. However, we are not responsible for delays with the mail carrier.  If it is late and beyond the service promise of the mail carrier, you will need to contact them for reimbursement.

Can I pick what goes into the box?

Yes, just select "Your Favorites" DutchBox, and you will be able to select as many of your favorite items as you wish.  We will only use your favorites to fill your DutchBox.  We will fill your DutchBox to the value you choose (starter, small, medium, or large)

I am NOT ready to commit to a monthly subscription, can I order just one box one time?

Yes, just select - Small (One Time), Medium (One Time), or Large (One Time) from the subscription level drop down.

Will my DutchBox contain products with the equivalent value I would get at a store?

We evaluate pricing with other retailers and we are in line with what they are charging.

How much time will I save ordering a DutchBox VS going to my Dutch Store?

Hard to say, because everybody's situation is different. Generally speaking, most states only have a handful of Dutch retail stores, so you have to be pretty lucky to have one close by. Most people do not have access to Dutch products locally, so they tend to drive quite a distance back and forth. In addition, the gas & time spent. This is one of the reasons why the DutchBox concept was born out of pure frustration.

What is the return policy?

If you get the wrong item, expired product (should not happen), or product is spoiled for any reason. Let us know right away and we will fix it! Guaranteed.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, anytime. Let us know, we will not give you any hassle. We know you will be back in the future. 

Can I downgrade or upgrade the size of my box or change my box at any time?

Not a problem you can switch anytime, however on the 10th of each month we prep and ship our boxes. We allow changes to occur starting the 20th of each month. So between the 10th and 20th, we do NOT allow any changes.

Does the product have labeling that lists the ingredients?

Yes, we comply with all labeling laws

Does the DutchBox come with other items besides food & snacks?

We sometimes will surprise our subscribers, that's all I am gonna say.

I have never tried Dutch Food/Snacks, will I like it?

Hard to say, most Dutch food & snacks have unique tastes and are liked by most, however, sweet and salty black licorice products tends to have it's unique fans.  If you like American black licorice then you are probably safe.

Can I request foods or snacks that I would like you to carry?

Sure, we are always open to new requests. Discuss the requests on Twitter or Facebook

Do you offer any Frozen foods?

Currently, we do not, but we are in talks to make that happen in the future.